Drug Rehab in Framingham, MA

Healing Support in Framingham, Massachusetts

When a person starts to depend on intoxicants in order to deal with the daily responsibilities of life, the danger is that this use can lead to compulsion. Compulsive use of drugs, alcohol, or both in order to deal with stress is a dangerous proposition, yet it’s one that affects thousands and thousands of people in cities and towns all across the United States.

Uncontrolled use of intoxicants can lead a person into a life of chaos, without a job, a family, a reputation, or any financial stability. It seems like a lot to lose just for the sake of getting high, but unfortunately, intoxicants can have that much power over a person’s life.

Today, drug rehab centers have opened all across the United States to help people deal with their substance abuse issues and to receive treatment. The good news is that we now live in a society in which people can be open about their problems with intoxicants and seek help. For people living in Framingham, Massachusetts, our substance abuse treatment facility here is a valuable resource, dedicated to helping people heal.

Entering Treatment at the Framingham Drug Rehab Facility

When a client comes to our addiction recovery center for treatment, they will be given an analysis of their situation by a counselor, who will then recommend a treatment plan. This addiction recovery plan will include counseling services, detox and healthcare support. The treatment here works with a dual diagnosis plan that is geared to treating a client’s substance abuse issues as well as any underlying mental health issues. It’s been found that by treating both aspects of the client’s situation, the odds for a lasting recovery are stronger.


After a plan has been put in place at the addiction recovery facility, the client will enter detox to rid their body of intoxicants. This process, which can include withdrawal symptoms (vomiting, diarrhea, shakes, fevers, anxiety), will be supervised by a healthcare professional throughout, to ensure the client’s safety. Once the detox is complete, the counseling sessions will begin.

Counseling Sessions

The addiction recovery facility will begin one-on-one and group counseling sessions once the client is free of the intoxicants in their system. These sessions allow the client to speak freely and openly about their situation and their experiences, as they work through the psychological issues that inform their substance abuse problem. By being open with the group in recovery, they can also support others who may be going through some of the same experiences.

Along with counseling sessions, clients in treatment will also be encouraged to take part in many of the activities available through the addiction treatment center. These can include riding horses, hiking on nature trails, creating art in art therapy classes, becoming stronger through yoga classes, and going on walks in the fresh air. All of these activities can help the client become stronger physically while also helping them connect more with themselves and others in an enjoyable way.

Aftercare Beyond the Addiction Treatment Facility

Once the entire course of treatment is complete at our drug detox clinic and addiction recovery program, a plan will be established for aftercare. A counselor at the center will talk to the client and make recommendations for an ongoing program that supports their sobriety as an outpatient. This can include going into care at a group home, enrolling in counseling sessions, and attending twelve step meetings.

The search for sobriety is an ongoing one. Treatment at the substance abuse program here is the first major step. Call today for a consultation, and let the healing process begin.